Yosemite Proposal at Tenaya Lodge | Shelby + Eric

A few days leading up to the big surprise, Shelby’s sister Jen reached out to me. Knowing her sister as well as she does, she chose me, knowing I would be the perfect fit for her sister. (seriously, sister goals!!) After seven years of dating for Shelby and Eric, two families already felt like one, and they joined together planning the most sweetest proposal at the Tenaya Lodge, where Shelby and Eric stayed the weekend together. It was everything Shelby dreamed of. From the fairy lights, to the pinned photos, flowers, wine, her most favorite people there (including their dog cause dogs are people too, duh!), and a photographer to capture it all. It was a special moment to witness, and I was so grateful to be there for it all!! We later jumped in the car and took their first offcial engagement photos in Yosemite, where we got to get to know each other, and dream up together their wedding day. It was the best day.

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erica houck