It's getting personal! {Personal}

So here we are on website number two and it hasn't even been the end of a year! I've learned so much about owning my own business and have made huge strides in trying to become the best business I can be. It's still a learning process but I'm excited to slowly be reaching towards those goals.

In this learning process, I've come to the realization that my old website didn't allow a platform to really express myself and give you a full perspective of my life and my journey along the way. I knew having blog was one of the best ways I could accomplish this, so it only made since to combine a website and blog in one. And that's what brings us here today.

I hope you join along this ever growing journey of mine as I update my blog with all my latest sessions, personal stories and whatever else you should know. I promise it won't be too boring!

Because a blog is no fun without photos, I'll leave you with these. Photos from Halloween of my handsome, Hugh Hefner fiance and my tiger self, taken with a tripod and a 10 second self timer. We decided to be cheap this year with our costumes by recycling the Hugh and throwing a pair of ears and an old jacket together and calling it done. Aren't we a dashing pair?! Enjoy!