Dalton {Portrait}

Meet Dalton! He is one of the smartest and coolest guy I know. Why? Out of nearly five thousand students attending Fresno State, he is one of only 33 students to graduate with a 4.0 GPA this semester . Holy smokes! Not only that but he is editor in chief of "The Collegian", the college's local newspaper. Believe me now? Thought so! =) When he's not a student, he's a photographer...and a pretty good one at that! It was so fun talking to someone who shares the same interests, and to have a little friendly photographer war. Haha

Dalton will be graduating in just a week! He is majoring in Mass Communication/Journalism and plans to eventually move to Los Angeles where he can fulfill is career.

It was such a pleasure being able to meet him and photograph his graduate photos. I'm so happy to call him my new friend. =) Can't wait to see all your future success, Dalton! Congratulations!!