Hillary + Rene {Couple}

I met this super adorable couple for the first time the other day after a friend set up a little causal session for a few of us photographers to share. These two must have felt like superstars with all of us taking a piece of the action! One camera alone is enough to give someone the jitters...imagine five! For all the camera attention they received, they were such naturals!! If I didn't know any better, I would assume my friend hired a couple of professional models! They seriously are one of the cutest and most good looking couples I ever met. Their love made my heart so happy! From this experience, I thought it was so neat to see how different all of our photos turned out despite photographing the same subjects at the same moment. That's really the beauty of  this craft. Everyone has their own style, and their own eye. I took my fiance with me and brought along my second camera for him to practice on since he has started to take a little interest in my craft. I must say...I CANNOT be more excited to finally share an interest with him...especially something so important in my life! (Opposites attract, as we like to say) ;) You can find one of his photos at the very bottom, to the far right. I love the angle he put himself. It's something I probably would have never thought to do, and that's why I love it so much. He expressed to me how he actually enjoyed this. Now let's just hope he will keep this attitude around! ;)