Bree and Her Horse {Bridal Inspired}

Meet the beautiful Bree and her handsome fairy tail horse! You may have seen her face in my portfolio a few times. I mean...can you blame me?? She's stunning! I've known her since we were just a couple awkward kids in elementary school. Ok, we're still are a little awkward...but we've improved. ;) Bree is now modeling and acting full time while going to work as a Disney princess! She's living her dream. I love that we have found our passions in life and can put them together to create some killer images. Go us! Bree has always had a love for horses and has owned and cared for them for as long as I've known her. You can just tell how much love she has for them. It's so sweet. I have photographed her with one of her horses back when I started out with photography, so doing this again really showed me how far we've come. So here I go again with my bridal looks. I just can't help it. My amazing Makeup artist Amanda, brought up the idea of a bridal session and I of course was all over it! She did an AMAZING job with Bree's makeup. If you're a bride and ever need a makeup artist, seriously book her! She has boundless talent, extremely affordable rates and is one of the most sweetest girls. I'm so happy I made the decision to team up my services with her. I can't wait for all our many future sessions together! I also have to thank my friend Danielle for being so generous to let us borrow her beautiful wedding dress. Thank you thank you thank you ladies for helping make this shoot possible!!