DIY Engagement Session {Personal}

It had been awhile since my fiance and I had photos taken together... so we thought it would be fun to attempt to do our own engagement photos. Aren't I lucky to have a man that is so cooperative?? This session was all thanks to the help of just a tripod and wireless remote. I didn't expect to get a whole lot out of this session, but for what we have I am surprisingly pleased. I love to be in front of the camera every once in awhile because it allows me to get a sense of how my clients feel. It can be awkward being in front of the lens if you have no idea what you're doing. In our case though, being a photographer I think really had it's advantages.  My experience with couples had a lot to do with the poses I came up with. Although I have to admit, it was a bit tricky trying to be photographer and model at the same time. If you ever decide to do your own couple session, here's some advice to keep in mind:

1. Have a tripod and a wireless remote. Remote is necessary! Unless you don't mind the extra exercise a 10 second self timer would have you do...Ha! Been there.

2. Use your partner as a reference of focus. I like using a shallow depth of field with my photos so nailing focus can be tough! There were many times  that we missed focus and had to do the same pose a few times over again.

3. Have patience. Lots of it. Nick was battling a cold, it was over 100 degrees, we had an audience of kids watching us sweat it out nearby, and our energy was running low...but we stuck through it anyway. I'm telling you, I have the best guy ever to put up with me! haha

4. Be optimistic. You can't have too high of expectations because quite's harder than it looks... and when you are battling all the things we were, you can't expect amazing photos. But I love the experience we had...and we even got photos to remember it!

5. Have fun with it! Despite all the struggles, it was something different for us...and it was an excuse for some cuddles. If you happen to get decent photos out of the process, than even better!

If you're actually serious about wanting beautiful photos for your engagement though, of course I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself . Even if you are the photographer. What fun is it to have to break from the cuddles with your lover just to run back and forth to check your focus and settings all the time? A photographer's job is to have their clients feel comfortable and have the couple forget that the photographer is even there. A photographer is trained to find unique angles, light and emotions of their subjects. There's only so much a tripod can see, and there's only so much multitasking you can do. A photographer is there to document your love the way it would unfold naturally.

Natural certainly wasn't the case here. A bit awkward really. But this experience sure made for some good laughs! =)