Becca + Jake {Maternity}

I've known Becca what feels like forever. We've been close friends for the past seven awkward, growing up years of our life. We may be in different chapters of our life, but we've always been by each other's side every step of the way! I'm in love with the little family she has created. Her son Alex is the most adorable little boy ever! Don't let that camera shyness fool you, he has the biggest personality. And watching Becca's happiness with Jake makes my heart melt! They are perfect.

They have two precious twins on the way and I cannot be more excited! Seriously, I feel like I'm the one having these babies...haha. I'm so honored to document this  journey of their lives.

So...I'm sure we are all wondering...boys? Girls? Both?? Well we threw in a little gender reveal for a SURPRISE. Scroll down to find out!! ;)


And it's BOYS!!! Which means mom is going to have a lot of testosterone around the house... Oh BOY! (no pun intended) ;)


Someone is going to be a big brother!! :) He's not quite sure how to take this news yet...