Jalanis {Styled Boudoir}

It's so nice to get back to my creative roots, sometimes. To do a session just for me, as an artist. I've dreamed up a lace session for months but never found the right moment for everything to fall together perfectly, until recently. I never intended for this to be a boudoir session originally, but I have been really drawn to the soft and dreamy one's I've seen. Plus Lace and boudoir together just seemed to make sense! Almost everything used as a prop for this session was purchased at Ross. Oh how I love Ross. I absolutely can never go there without having to buy something...It's addicting. But that's a whole different topic we wont get into. The white flowers in their vase were purchased at Dollar Tree. My second favorite store! I love bargains when I find them. The vintage Brownie camera was another bargain from antiquing. I love me some vintage cameras! You would think the 1920's "record player" was purchased from an antique store as well, but it was actually found from Ross too. And it's not even real! Although it would have been cool to have a real one, finding one that looked like the real deal at 3 times fraction of the cost just seemed too good to pass up. After this experience, I can really appreciate the professionals who handle event styling. It is time consuming and very expensive! Most of these things though I wanted to have anyway, so it was worth it for me. I love how it all turned out!

My talented friend Jalanis came home for the Holidays from Ventura to visit with her boyfriend and his family. I've shot with Jalanis a couple times previously for creative projects, and I just adore her! She is a professional model and makeup artist and has huge career opportunities in her future. I'm way proud of her! While she was in town we got together for this session and I couldn't have chosen anyone better. She is stunningly gorgeous and I just know her boyfriend will fall in love with her even more after he see's these.