A Birthday Hike Tradition | Buckeye Flat

It's been 17 years since the beginning of an annual tradition. It was my 6th birthday, and my dad came up with a little clever way to celebrate it. He drove us up to a closed off campground at Buckeye Flat in Three Rivers, just a few miles past the Sequoia National Park entrance. This thing we call a "hike" is simply a half mile paved walk leading to the Buckeye campground. I guess for a 6 year old, it was a hike! At the end of this little "hike" we set up our picnic at one of the campground tables. Each year has been somewhat different in theme...but cupcakes, presents and "silly string" will always remain the same! I love how creative my dad is with everything. (Must be where I got it from!) Last year for instance when I was 22, the gifts came in pairs of two, and you bet two sets of pears was an included gift as well! Not every age comes with a simple theme, like 23... but somehow he'll still find cleverness in it. Each year this "hike" feels a little shorter, and each year I feel a little more silly with it all...but it's tradition. It's cute, fun and a way to get out and spend time with my dad. We'll keep it going for as long as one of us gets too "old"...but I know it won't be me!


Just a few of years past. The annual cupcake photo was a must.


The parking lot views of Moro Rock before our paved trail adventures!


"Hospital Rock" at the entrance of the trail, a historical Native American past.


A tradition in more recent years to sit at the campsite of my birthday age.


It's always so windy up there, so we have to put the cupcakes in the bear box to keep the candles lit.


 I now have almost a whole weeks worth of "23" earrings.  Can't forget the movie "23" and a few gift cards worth you guessed it, $23 Ha!


Our traditional pit stop on the way back down. The best ice cream you'll ever have.


The first poloroid photos taken here.  A possible start to an added tradition. :)

Another year down, and many more to come!