Fresno, CA | Film Play | Kia

As some of you know, I have taken some interest lately in shooting more film. I'm still just a baby in the field of film photography, with still so much to learn and understand. Shooting film is really a whole new way of thinking and doing. You only have 36 images, and with the costs of developing film in a digital better make sure they are some of your best. These days I haven't had much time to just shoot for myself and play around with film. So right before my busy season took off, I decided to ask Kia to model for me on a spur the moment whim. I've worked with Kia once before on a creative project, and yet again she pulled off my vision masterfully. This session I shot both film and digital, which you will find throughout this post. Can you spot the difference? ;) The film I used was Portra 400 rated at iso 200 on my Elan 7 camera and was developed through Photovision. No tweaks were made, just straight scans. To keep a cohesive look, I edited my digital images to match as closely as I could with the film. It's quite a bit different than my usual look, but I dig it a lot. Here were a few of my favorites!