Fresno State | College Graduate | Conchita

Conchita has known my fiance Nick from the very early days of elementary school, and now here we are preparing for her Fresno State College graduation! Graduating college really is the best feeling of all the milestones  because it truly is the end, and a celebration of decades worth of hard work and dedication. This girl is no stranger to hard work as she has worked several jobs throughout college and has payed her way through it all, on her own. Not only that, Conchita has a little more to celebrate than just any college graduate, because she is the first person in her family to ever make it through college. That is truly the ultimate celebration in itself! AND a one more big congratulations to Conchita as she just recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend of five years!! We are so proud and excited for her and we can't wait to see what her future holds!