Fresno CA | Engaged | Rachelle + Daniel

I can't believe it's June already...which means Rachelle and Daniel's wedding is just right around the corner! It's been over 9 years since these two started their relationship, and now here we are just over one month away from saying "I do". I loved spending the evening with these two, accompanied by some golden light, love and laughter and an acoustic guitar. Daniel often plays his guitar just for Rachelle. This time though he played for us all...and what a talent he has! It was so sweet and romantic watching him play for her. I loved every minute of it and the fun time we spent together. Here were just a few of my favorites! 2014-06-04_00012014-06-04_00022014-06-04_00032014-06-04_00042014-06-04_00052014-06-04_00062014-06-04_00072014-06-04_00082014-06-04_00092014-06-04_00102014-06-04_00112014-06-04_00122014-06-04_00132014-06-04_00142014-06-04_00162014-06-04_00152014-06-04_00172014-06-04_00182014-06-04_00192014-06-04_00202014-06-04_00212014-06-04_00222014-06-04_00232014-06-04_00242014-06-04_00252014-06-04_00262014-06-04_00272014-06-04_00282014-06-04_00292014-06-04_00302014-06-04_00322014-06-04_00352014-06-04_00342014-06-04_0033