Fresno, CA | Engaged | Rebekah + Mitch

Rebekah and Mitch met at Livingstones restaurant in tower district. They sparked almost an immediate connection over their love for antiquing, dogs, reading, and even the coincidence of living in the same apartment. Surely it was meant to be! A short move together up the stairs and a proposal later, they now plan for their dream wedding this October! I had such a fun time taking photos of them and their sweet little dog Pete, in and around their neighborhood and adorably decorated apartment. Here were just a few of my favorites from our session on summer solstice day! 2014-07-27_00012014-07-27_00022014-07-27_00032014-07-27_00042014-07-27_00052014-07-27_00062014-07-27_00072014-07-27_00082014-07-27_00092014-07-27_00102014-07-27_00112014-07-27_00122014-07-27_00132014-07-27_00142014-07-27_00152014-07-27_00162014-07-27_00172014-07-27_00182014-07-27_00192014-07-27_00212014-07-27_00222014-07-27_00232014-07-27_00242014-07-27_00252014-07-27_00262014-07-27_00272014-07-27_00292014-07-27_00302014-07-27_00312014-07-27_00362014-07-27_00332014-07-27_00372014-07-27_00382014-07-27_00392014-07-27_00402014-07-27_00422014-07-27_00432014-07-27_0044