Jasmine Star Workshop | Irvine, CA

I told myself this year was going to be my year of workshops. What better way to kick this educational year off than with the one and only Jasmine Star?! That's one bucket item I can officially check off my list. Although I wish it never had to end! Jasmine is so humble and down to earth, she's just as awesome if not more awesome in person. I simply loved just being around her and chatting with her over drinks. (yes, that totally happened too!) This experience for me was worth gold in the friendships I created along the way. It was better than I ever could have expected it to be. Taking home some pretty images is not a bad bonus either! Here are some of my favorite images from the Jasmine Star Workshop in Irvine, CA! 2015-02-19_00012015-02-19_00102015-02-19_00122015-02-19_00042015-02-19_00082015-02-19_00292015-02-19_00062015-02-19_00022015-02-19_00202015-02-19_00092015-02-19_00112015-02-19_00142015-02-19_00132015-02-19_00152015-02-19_00032015-02-19_00172015-02-19_00302015-02-19_00182015-02-19_00192015-02-19_00212015-02-19_00222015-02-19_00242015-02-19_00322015-02-19_00232015-02-19_00282015-02-19_00252015-02-19_0026

It was a blast, and definitely an experience i'll never forget. Thank you so much Jasmine from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words you have given me, for the reassurance that I'm on the right track and to keep perusing my dreams. You rock!



Workshop - Jasmine Star

Hair and Makeup - Beauty by Melina

Floral - Sweet Marie Designs

Dress - Bonny Bridal

Hair Clip - Brides and Hairpins

Model - Ashley Paige