Ramnit and Gurjot's Fresno Engagement Session

Spring is my favorite times of year in Fresno for photographs. Green grass and flowers are a rare sight to see around here, so it's always best to take advantage of it during it's short existence. Ramnit and Gurjot planned their session just in the nick of time, lucking out with a beautiful wildflower field nearby the blossoms orchards that just so happen to match perfectly with her Sari dress. I loved spending the evening with these two and love even more the photographs we took away from it! Here were a few of my favorites from Ramnit and Gurjot's Fresno engagement session! 2015-03-31_00232015-03-31_00242015-03-31_00262015-03-31_00272015-03-31_00282015-03-31_00322015-03-31_00332015-03-31_00342015-03-31_00352015-03-31_00362015-03-31_00372015-03-31_00382015-03-31_00402015-03-31_00412015-03-31_00422015-03-31_00432015-03-31_00442015-03-31_00472015-03-31_00512015-03-31_00502015-03-31_00522015-03-31_00462015-03-31_00482015-03-31_0045