Tricia and Rudy's Fresno Lifestyle Newborn Session

I was so honored when Tricia, a friend and local pet photographer asked me to take lifestyle newborn photos of her baby girl Emmy and her little family of six (including her 3 dogs)! I don't photograph newborns often, so when I get an opportunity to photograph them in this way, I take it and soak up every minute of it! Being the dog lover I am, I loved incorporating their sweet fur babies in the session. Here were a few of my favorite photos from Tricia and Rudy's Fresno lifestyle newborn session! 2015-05-11_00012015-05-11_00022015-05-11_00282015-05-11_00032015-05-11_00042015-05-11_00302015-05-11_00052015-05-11_00062015-05-11_00072015-05-11_00082015-05-11_00092015-05-11_00102015-05-11_00112015-05-11_00122015-05-11_00132015-05-11_00142015-05-11_00162015-05-11_00192015-05-11_00202015-05-11_00212015-05-11_00242015-05-11_00222015-05-11_00262015-05-11_00232015-05-11_00292015-05-11_0027