Grisel and Anthony's Tuscan Gardens Wedding in Kingsburg CA

Grisel and Anthony tied the knot one beautiful May day, the day before mother's day at the Tuscan Gardens in Kingsburg ca. Grisel looked stunning in her mermaid gown, diamond accent accessories and long vintage veil. She had a look of old Hollywood glam. Being a makeup herself, she couldn't go wrong! Everything dripped of crystals and purple elegance. It felt as if it was one of Gatsby's grand parties, and Grisel and Anthony are were the amazing Great Gatsby themselves. After already sharing a decade of their lives together, they couldn't wait to say I do to forever. Grisel shared a special dance with their son towards the end of the evening, and it was the sweetest Mother's Day gift. Here are a few of my favorite highlights! 2015-06-24_00012015-06-24_00022015-06-24_00032015-06-24_00042015-06-24_00052015-06-24_00062015-06-24_00072015-06-24_00082015-06-24_00092015-06-24_00102015-06-24_00112015-06-24_00122015-06-24_00132015-06-24_00142015-06-24_00172015-06-24_00182015-06-24_00192015-06-24_00222015-06-24_00242015-06-24_00252015-06-24_00262015-06-24_00472015-06-24_00272015-06-24_00382015-06-24_00292015-06-24_00312015-06-24_00452015-06-24_00332015-06-24_00342015-06-24_00352015-06-24_00432015-06-25_00012015-06-24_00412015-06-24_0042